Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

G.I. Jane 2

April 06, 2022 Mark & Casey Season 3 Episode 10
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
G.I. Jane 2
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 101 (Season 3, Episode 10)!   This week is full of nuggets, so be sure you've got a fresh one.  It's getting colorful this week!

Kicking off this week's episode is an brand new taste test on air-- and this one is an all around winner from an epic company whose logo includes a straw hat with freckles.  The taste test is a lesser know product from this crowd-pleasing baker.  In this week's Trash Pick-Up, Mark is reconnecting with some old friends whom he hasn't seen since pre-pandemic over some food and Casey is celebrating a date night with Miss Jeffrey.

In this week's Mid-Section, The Boys are discussing all the happenings and tea from the 2022 Oscars.  It was a night of many firsts.  There were some predictable winners, a couple of surprises, a snub or two, and of course... the slap seen round the world.  Its turned into a hot button conversation laden with no shortage of opinions, but Mark & Casey are weighing in with their own unique perspectives, thoughts, and feelings.  Never short on an opinion, these two are putting it all the way out there.  Additionally The Boys are highlighting the highs of the night and selecting their favorite moment.  This ones full of thoughts, opinions, and reactions.

Then it's on to Trash Talk!  After the extended Mid-Section, Mark & Casey are doing a shorter 2 quick topic segment this week.  Mark is bringing in the hypocrisy of the publicity stunt pulled by Ron DeSantis when signing into law 'Don't Say Gay" Bill, and moments later violating the executed bill which should be carrying hefty fines to him.  Afterward, Casey has the story of a guest on a cruise ship who gets cruised and has some ideas on how he an capitalize on the experience in true trash fashion.

Lastly, in this week's Recommendations (or is it wreck-o-mendations), in a Painted Trash first, Mark is recommending an app ad Casey has invested in a 14hr. book on tape he's living for.

This week is a topical, pointed, thoughtful, and often hilarious episode full of the discourse you know only Mark & Casey can provide.  This one is sure to get you thinking, feeling, and of course laughing! So fill up your port vintage, grab your paint supplies and get ready -- it's an all new Painted Trash episode with your GBFs!!

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