Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

I Saw Oprah's Bush!

April 14, 2022 Mark & Casey Season 3 Episode 11
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
I Saw Oprah's Bush!
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 102 !! (WHAAAAAT???!!)  The Boys are in rare from this week as they dive into an all new episode with lots of colorful banter and tea. So grab your colors, brushes and a fresh diaper -- it's time to PAINT!

Kicking off this week's Weekly Trash Pick-Up, Casey & Mark are tasting another trash food and they've got some thoughts!  Did they find it the good kind of trash?? Or too trashy for color tv??   Then looking back at the week, Mark had a weekend away with Scott H and catching up with the events of the last month.  Casey is continuing his weekly outings in date night with Miss Jeffrey and this week they have found their way to see a new film no playing theatres.  Closing out this week's Pick-Up, Mark & Casey are summing up their thoughts on the Grammy Awards.  An exciting year for the Grammy's as some friends not only found themselves nominated, but a few of them WON!  These Boys are excited for those winners and some of the winning performances mixed with some less successful and colorful performances.  The commentary you have come to expect from them, delivered as only they can!

Next up -- this week The Boys are foregoing  Mid-Section and giving us a MEGA Trash Talk!!  The news this week gave the world some goodies for discussion and Mark & Casey are cashing those checks!  Kicking off this week, Cailyn (yes you read that right) Jenner has started her new gig as a commentator for Fox News surprisingly with an appearance on ultra conservative host, Tucker Carlson's trash.  As most may have suspected, it didn't go well/ How bad was it?? Check out what the Boys have to say about the guest spot.  Then-- we knew it wouldn't be long and before another comedian would be threatened with violence for a joke someone didn't like.  And guess what??  It was a threat from a frequent Painted Trash subject and "politician".  The Boys are painting this person as only they can.  Next up, Casey has the tea on a former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest who continue to struggle with big problems following their controversial appearance the reality series. The fallout continues as the truth comes out on the lies they told including the "purchase" of their Dream Home which currently they face eviction from their "house" and the lies are about the transaction are being called out.  Next up, The Boys are discussing the revelation of an ad being run by a candidate for US Senate from Ohio featuring a photo-shop gaffaw. Following that Casey is bring us the recent laugh-out-loud, non-sensical video released by Dr. Oz featuring store bought guacamole. Closing out this epic, MEGA Trash segment, is a development in the trial of the Parkland Shooter which has recently begun the jury selection process.  Well, one potential juror has made a lasting impression on the court and judge when she presented her reasons why she was not able to serve on this jury.  This one you gotta hear to believe! (and who saw Oprah's bush??)

In recommendations (or are they wreck-o-mendations) this week,  Mark is revisiting a gay film from the early 2000's which is a true guilty pleasure and worth a watch to see and hear the TT. For Casey's pick this week, it's a docuseries whose subject is  a controv

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