Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

Mary. F. Kill

May 04, 2022 Mark & Casey Season 3 Episode 14
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
Mary. F. Kill
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 105! You've in for a goodie this week!  The Boys have a week, and they are looking to let loose and Paint!  So grab your supplies (especially the port vintage) and get ready for some quality painting

In this week's Pick-Up, Mark & Casey are discussing a pre-wedding celebration for friends readying for their nuptials abroad.  The convos, the games, the food, the drinks, the food, the memories, the laughs, the food... In typical Painted Trash Podcast fashion, Mark & Casey are turning the convo to food and what they have been enjoying for the last week.

Next up, it's on to this week's Mid-Section. This week, The Boys are playing one of their favorite pass time games this week. Anyone familiar with the party-game, Marry, F@*^, Kill?  It can be great fun and can get dirty and shady pretty quickly.  In typical Painted Trash style, Mark & Casey are pulling names from pop culture and are gonna bring up some feels and drama.  Some choices are easy and some are not so simple... whose names comes up, who would these Marys marry? Who would they f@*^? and who would they ....?  Spilling so much tea.  This is one Mid-Section you won't wanna miss.

Then it's on to everyone's favorite segment, Trash Talk.  Kicking off this week's segment, is the story of a non-conventional marriage in Japan with a new(?) sexuality, Fictosexual.  The marriage seems to have hit some rocks and maybe heading to a permanent separation.  What is a "fictosexual realtionship" and can this couple make it?  You gotta listen to find out. Next up, The Boys have been keeping up with the courtroom antics and drama in the Depp-Heard trial.  It's been just over 2 weeks and the details, claims, and testimony have been shocking and off the wall to say the least.  Even the just has been scratching her head. Mark & Casey with the latest.  Finally closing out this week's segment, Mark is bringing us another story out of Florida where a mom has been arrest after threatening a school over the details of the lunch program.  What is the problem??  You gotta listen to find out!

Closing out this week's segment, Casey is bringing you a rec-(and a wreck)-o-mendation with a new series full of big STARS and uneven performances. Afterward, Mark is giving you a wreck-o-mendation with a recent film release starring an actress who recently went "to the tub".

This is a laugh-out-loud episode with many bust ups.  You'll wanna keep the port vintage flowing and be ready to laugh with this one. Get ready to paint!

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