Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

Who The F*&^ is Tony??

June 08, 2022 Mark & Casey Season 3 Episode 19
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
Who The F*&^ is Tony??
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 110! Phew!  The Boys are back this week with a jam packed episode full of tales, treats, times, and tea.  There's not a moment to lose so grab yourself some port vintage and a fresh diaper, and jump right in.

Kicking of this week, Mark & Casey are coming in hot with this week's Pick-Up.  Mark is filling us in on a trip to Michigan to explore the Lakeshore wine trail and Casey had a trip out to tehe movies.  After a busy weekend of events, The Boys  then got together for a bit of a competitive activity and a quick trip to the trough.

Next up in this week's Mid-Section, Mark & Casey are on the subject of theatre.  So much has changed in the last couple of years with the pandemic and the close, collaborative environment inhabited by the folks working in the theatre.  As actors themselves, Casey & Mark have some thoughts and feelings on the subject and state of theatre in the world and their sharing them with you, loyal listener.  Not a moment too soon either, with the Tony Awards being present this upcoming weekend.  The Tony Awards are highlighting theatre in NYC, specifically large theatres in midtown Manhattan, which officially make up Broadway.  Mark & Casey are running down the major categories with a few predictions offered up for how they would like to see or expect to win.

Afterward, it is on to Trash Talk!  In this week's abbreviated segment, Casey is kicking things off with a story which has him all riled up.  Actor Elliot Page shared their discomfort during a highly visible period in their life while doing press and red carpets for their big break, the movie Juno. Page is spilling the tea  on what happened how they are feeling about it now.  Next up Mark is sharing the details of shocking announcement in Las Vegas involving "The King" of Rock 'N' Roll and wedding chapels.  Recently the company who represents Elvis' persona and name, has sent out cease and desist letters for all Elvis themed and impersonators to stop using The King's likeness and name in their events.  How are folks taking the news?  What is the plan for this industry (in Las Vegas) moving forward?  The Boys have some thoughts and their sharing them with you.

Finally it's on to this week's Recommendations (or wreck-o- mendations).  This week Mark is touting a movie has has seen on the big screen which he feels is not have been missed and Casey has a limited series which has him shooketh.  These are a couple of goodies, you'll want to add to your "must see" list!

The Boys are comin' in hot and fast with plenty of fun and tea this week.  So grab your painting supplies, pour a few glass of your favorite port vintage, grab a fresh diaper and get ready for this jam-packed episode of Painted Trash Podcast; An LGBTQIA+ Podcast of Discourse.  You won't wanna miss this one, so let's get it started!

Thank you so much of listening!


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