Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

The Gay Agenda

June 23, 2022 Season 3 Episode 21
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
The Gay Agenda
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 112 (Season 3, Episode 21)!  The Boys are capping Pride Month with a goodie for you so grab some of your favorite porch pounder and get ready for a colorful episode.  Tea is on and will be spilled and a true celebration of the community!  Let's jump right in!

In this week's  Pick- Up,  The Boys hit the road for an overnight get away for some fun & exploration of a nearby city's gay life.  There are stories galore and Mark & Casey are hitting the highlights (be sure to check out the Insta for some video and pictures from the trip).  It started with a shocking event and ended with a wild event -- like you would expect from these two. 

Next up it's on to the  Mid-Section.  With Pride culminating with parades and celebrations and visibility at it's height, Mark & Casey are tapping into what many conservative media, politicians, and their followers have been naming "The Gay Agenda".  What is the gay agenda?  Who created the agenda? Is it a good thing? Why is Pride critical for the agenda? Who is creating and carrying out the agenda?  How will we know when the agenda is complete?  Mark & Casey are exploring these questions and more in a hilarious, yet poignant discussion to determine what it all is and what it means for all of us.   

Afterward, it's Trash Talk, with hilarious, topical, and sometimes outrageous  "news" stories from around the world.  This week, Casey is spilling the tea on the recent actions of Hollywood A-Lister, Ezra Miller, which have found him in a bit of hot water (maybe some major trouble?).  Why?  You don't wanna miss this story.  Then Casey is living with a poorly running air conditioner through an early summer heat wave.  Mark came across a news story that may offer Casey some hope for a bit of relief and maybe even central air!  To close out this week's segment, Mark is bringing us a story out of Alaska when teachers and cafeteria workers realized they had made a shocking mistake. "What happened?"and, "how did it happen?", are two of the questions authorities and leadership are looking for answers to. 

Lastly in this week's recommendation, Casey has recently dropped docuseries with a boring title and Mark is giving you a double recommendation (and wreck-o-mendation) of a reboot.  These are a couple of goodies for sure!

Everyone at Painted Trash: An LGBTQIA+ Podcast of Discourse, wishes you a Happy Pride!  Be safe, be loud, be proud and SHOW OUT!  Be sure to keep it colorful and if you're gonna talk trash --- you might as well paint it!  So get ya some port vintage and get ready for an all new episode!

Let The Boys of Painted Trash know your thoughts on this week's topics and episode! What street festivals do you attend? Do you like street fests? What is your favorite festival??

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