Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

We Would Never!

July 20, 2022 Mark & Casey Season 3 Episode 23
Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse
We Would Never!
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 114!  The Boys are finally back from the holiday and are back on their bulls*@^.  With all the holiday events and travels, Mark & Casey are circling back with a hilarious episode sure to have you LOL'ing.  So put on your Natty to keep you cool and your chilled port vintage because it's the height of summer and get ready 'cuz here we go...

In this week's Trash Pick-Up, Mark & Casey are briefly remembering a brunch even Mark and Scott H threw and some memories of the event.  The Boys are wishing a very Happy Birthday to a loyal viewer, listener, and reader.  In celebration, The Boys joined in the events to honor a special woman! Later Casey is sharing his experience returning to a movie set for the first time in years.  Was it like riding a bike?

Next up it's the Mid-Section and have you all come on a good night for this one!  This week Mark & Casey are sitting down for a game Never Have I Ever.  There are some truth bombs, plenty of tea spilt and certainly honesty pouring out of Mark & Casey.  You'll be laughing, nodding, and thinking about your reactions (and hopefully getting some deep sips/ shots of your port vintage).

Afterwards, it's time for Trash Talk!  Kicking of this week's segment Mark & Casey are of course reviewing the bombshell testimony to the January 6th Investigation Committee by a White House Aide. Then how about the assault visited on a former Mayor "suffered" in the "wild, wild, west" called New York.  To close out this week's segment, The Boys are revisiting a statement by a Q-Anon Supporter and Congresswoman who believes there is no Separation of Church and State.

Finally in this week's recommendations, Mark is touting the upcoming album released from a legendary icon and LGBTQIA+ activist while Casey is singing the praises of a new mind-blowing documentary now streaming.

It's been a minute given the holiday but Painted Trash: An LGBTQIA+ Podcast of Discourse is back and on their game with this episode with quality content! So make yourself comfortable (clothed or not) given the intense heat and humidity, pour yourself a tasty, chilled port vintage and get ready.  This one's a sure-fire laugh fest.


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